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The cactus where your heart should be has lovely little flowers...

Hobbies: breaking hearts and bones.

Youth and Beauty Brigade
28 December

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I see now the virtue in madness,
for this country knows no law nor any boundry.
I pity the poor shades confined to that
Euclidean prison that is sanity.
All things are possible here and
I am what madness has made me.
Whole and complete.
And free at last."

-Dr. Arkham, Arkham Asylum

____WHO IS THIS?____

bleu. ying. harley quinn. grilled cheese. layouts. manic. dinosaur. fan-grammar-tastic. materialistic. clever. elitest. comic books. lolita. geek. faust. blond. lj addict. craftygoth. anglophile. hug junkie. spaz. lover. deadwood. cuddlecore. cupcakes. photos. art. hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy. knitting. tom waits. silliness. jack daniel's. evilness. phansmagorical. goggles. broken cameras. steampunk. darkroom fun. monsters. british space comedies. nervousness. time travel. umf beaver feaver. scarves. bad movies. tea parties. awesome-o. robots. childish. harry potter. dr. steel. westerns. apemen. coffee. postcards.

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Six Mostly True Facts About Me:

1.   The only thing that keeps me from using my time machine to hop back to 1890 London is my addiction to technology. I've got my beloved LiveJournal, my darling life partner of an ipod, (named Doctor Faustus) and a rather steady addiction to Wikipedia to keep under control. I've heard people joke that I could walk for days if the iPod batteries never wore out, and I find no reason to deny it.

2.   I swear too much. Any swear, I'll use it. Curses I learned from Deadwood (cocksucker, hooplehead, cat-piss smelling fuck); cussing from Red Dwarf (smegging smeghead); swears from my mom's feminist literature (cunt! It's a good word for queen, go figure); even a few I just picked up along the way (twat, K-Fed listening dinosaurhead). I believe it's a sort of backlash from when I tried to never swear. I used to never drink either, but I've learned that both swearing and drinking are too fun to quit and both go so well with playing cards.

3.   I have an unhealthy obsession with Tom Waits. One day he was this growling voiced guy in my cd collection and then out of the blue he gobbled up all my spare thoughts and dominated my listening time. Just look at my last.fm top plays....or the seven foot tall picture of him over my bed. I dream of the day I can sit down and have a glass of whiskey with him.

4.   I'm an art major but I don't think I'm particularly good at it. I get nervous showing stuff to people, and I hate when strangers look at my sketchbooks since they act as a sort of diary. Trust me, if you knew who the characters were, I'd have no more secrets. I still think art is hard. I would give anything for art to come naturally to me. I really just can't seem to make drawing and painting come easy anymore. I'm so jealous of people that just sit down to doodle and create envious works but like every other college student to ever touch a camera, I like to take pictures and you can laugh at them here on DeviantArt.

5.   I'm a mixed tape geek. My brain plays out to soundtrack of my own invention and when I'm confused I make a playlist to sort out I feel with other people's words. I also assign playlists to other people. If you've ever had an impact on my life in any way, I've got songs connected to you that play in my mind when you're around. You might be offended to what it is though, so be warned when asking.

6.   No matter what impression you get from the above "facts", my friends and family come first for everything and I'll give them anything they want. I would take a severe beating for my friends and probably would get severely beaten if any of them let me beat up the people I keep offering to for them. I feel more than blessed to have friends now that I wouldn't hesitate to tell my secret plans to, and when I and my army of velociraptors rule the world, they can count on me giving them a large tropical chunk of it. Also, I can never forget that even though my friends know where I am now, my family knows how I got here...and endured the messy road of blood, drama and tears I dragged them on.

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