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The cactus where your heart should be has lovely little flowers...
Hobbies: breaking hearts and bones.
31st-Aug-2006 11:54 am - Friends Only...most of the time.
Music: Dylan Scarf
Friends Only...
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...most of the time.

I like to keep things locked up around here, kiddos. Comment to be added or just wait 'til I randomly smeg up and forget to lock an entry for a few hours. It's been known to happen cause I'm not too clever.


This is my journal, in case you weren't aware. You can call me Bleu.
I'm always glad to have any new friends.


Add me and comment here before I add you. Makes me happy to know what you are.
Then again, if I know you in real life on strictly casual basis,
I'm less likely to add you. Keeps things easier.
Don't take it personally.


I'm terrified of moose. I felt I should share that.
If you are a moose, I might be wary about adding you as a friend,
unless we shared a lot of the same fandoms.

And...that's about it.
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